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Beth Purdy


  IET Master-Instructor, Reiki Master,

Quantum Healer, Trans-Medium

Shamanic Practitioner-Instructor

Certified in Hypnosis,

Past Life Regression

 & Guided Imagery

To learn about the 

9 healing 

angels of the

Integrated Energy Therapy

healing system


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   Integrated Energy Therapy

   Healing with the energy of Angels 


   Akashic Record Readings

   Accessing the field of infinite information

   Shamanic Journeys

​   Gain insight, power and guidance

   Shamanic Practitioner Training

   Begin your own practice


   (IET) Certifications

   Basic; Intermediary; Advanced Levels


   Guided Journeys & Meditations

   Gain access to Personal  Power & Healing

   Past Life Group Journeys​​

   Past life experience in the expansive energy

   of group regression   


   Individual Past Life Regressions

   Gain insight, understanding & healing;

    release limiting cellular-memories








"You change

for two reasons.

Either you learn enough that you

want to,

or you've been

hurt enough that you

have to."


Beth Offers
  A Unique Style of
Through the integrated
use of  powerful energy 
techniques, deep intuitive
abilities, spiritual guidance
 and angelic energy,
dense negative cellular
memory is released and
centered, therefore changing
your energetic blueprint. 
 This allows a shift,
or transformation to
take place in your
mental, emotional
and physical bodies.
You'll walk away feeling
relaxed, lighter,
recharged and

"Beth is truly a Master Healer!  I was totally amazed at the physical healing that occurred in just a 10 minute session!  I had been having severe pain in my hip for years, and after that one short treatment, it disappeared and has not come back.  I had also been getting up once or twice a night to go to the bathroom, and now I don't have to get up at all, until the morning.  I feel it was such a blessing to have a healing through her integrated Energy Therapy! Thank you Beth.

 Love, Allegra, Healer/Activist

"I had been suffering for months with Fibromyalgia.  The pain and fatigue were so severe that my day to day activities were greatly affected, as was my quality of life.  I went to see Beth for a Past-Life session, desperate to get my life back.  Within days of the session, my symptoms began to improve.  A few weeks later, I was symptom free.  I believe that through the session, I was able to release the trauma that I'd been holding in my body from that previous life.  Thank-you Beth!

R.K.W., Homemaker​

"I was sitting next to my son, as he was laying down last night still awake.  At some point I started to feel a huge energy wave going through me/us. I felt it strongly in my forehead especially for few minutes, and it was green in color.  I felt surrounded by Angels love and grace so strongly, it was pretty amazing. (Even though the session wasn't for me!)  Later on, when I came back to check on him, after sitting with him for a few moments I felt beautiful energy " pulsating" in and out and it was like the colors of an inner seashell...like those pastel " rainbow " colors sort of.  Meanwhile, he was sweating out, which didn't seem to bother him at that point...In the morning, he woke up so peaceful, and just happy!...He said he saw amazing dreams and had a tea party with Angels...His words were "I was out there with God :)"

K.S., Albany, NY

What is Healing Energy?

​​     "Everything is Energy".  Quantum Physics, as well as the works of Einstein, tell us that matter and energy are interchangeable.  That means that absolutely "everything" is energy.  It's just vibrating at different frequencies.  A rock would vibrate at a very low frequency, compared to a human being and a human would vibrate at a much lower frequency than radio or TV waves, cosmic radiation, or the sun's rays.  We know these forms of energy are there, even if we can't see them.

   Healing energy can be described as bio-electromagnetic energy, because it seems to carry an electric charge, to have magnetism and to be produced naturally by the human body.  Some people see this energy as color, others hear it as sound and almost everyone can feel it.

     Healing, or life-force energy has been used in almost all cultures and countries around the world and is known by many names.  In China it's known as "chi"...in Sanskrit as "ti"...in Hawaii as "ki" and in Western culture as "orgone" or "bio-plasm" to name a few.

     This healing energy is the energy that animates all of life.  As long as something is alive, it has life-force energy circulating through and around it.  When it dies, the life-force leaves.  When life-force is high, a person is likely to feel energetic and vital, functioning at peak performance, but when it's low or blocked, a person is more likely to feel sickly and fatigued, unable to cope with daily stress and prone to "dis-ease".  

The Power of the Mind

      Our mind is the most amazing tool we'll ever come in contact with.  It has the power to organize, analyze, make decisions, remember and solve problems.   These are all functions of our "working" or conscious mind.  This is the part of the mind we most identify with.

      However, it also has the ability to regulate our body's chemical and electrical reactions, as well as our autonomic nervous system.  These functions are accomplished by our sub-conscious mind, the part of our mind that lies just below our awareness.  The sub-conscious, or inner mind, is extremely powerful​.  This is where every perception we've ever had, exists in great detail.  Although our conscious mind forgets, our sub-conscious remembers everything.  

      Another function of the sub-conscious is to protect us against danger, real or imagined, as something imagined is just as real to the sub-conscious as if it were really happening.  Therefore, it is always aware and functioning, whether we're awake or asleep.  This area of the mind is also where patterns, habits and unprocessed negative emotions are stored.

     Since the sub-conscious is unable to tell the difference between an imagined event and an event that is actually taking place, and it's highly susceptible to suggestion, this is the part of the mind where hypnosis, guided imagery, visualization, affirmations and suggestions can have the greatest impact.  Patterns and habits can be changed, memories can be accessed and healing can be powerful.     ​

     Beth is trained and Certified in Hypnosis, through the National Guild of Hypnotists and in Past-Life Regression, through Brian Weiss, MD, author of "Many Lives, Many Masters", "Same Soul, Many Bodies" and "Only Love is Real".     

How does Energy healing work?

    We are not only physical beings, but mental, emotional and spiritual beings.  Therefore, it stands to reason that we not only have a physical body, but mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well.

    Kirlian photography has shown that all living things have an aura.  The aura, or human energy field, is a field of energy that surrounds and penetrates the body.  Contained within the aura is an energetic blueprint of every structure of the body, as well as everything we've ever experienced.







Life-force energy flows to the body through chakras, or energy vortexes, which lie within the energetic structure of the multi-dimensional energy body.  Each chakra, or vortex, corresponds to a major organ in the endocrine system.  Chakras distribute life-force energy to organs, nerves and glands, as well as all other systems and layers of the body.....physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

     Our aura can be weakened by emotional, mental, or physical trauma, abuse, shock, stress, environmental toxins, negative thought patterns, drug or alcohol abuse, poor diet, lack of rest, or lack of exercise, as well as any other dense or negative influences which  have a negative energetic affect.

     These energetic blocks, typically occur within or around one of these major chakras, causing disease in that area.  Dis-ease starts in the energetic body, and first shows up as emotional or mental stress and/or illness.  If the blockage is not resolved, it can then become a physical illness.​​​

​        An energy practitioner is a person who is able to channel life-force energy through their own body, to that of the client's.  The client's energy body then absorbs and distributes this energy, according to their own body's wisdom, and need, healing not only the physical body, but the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well.  Most energy healers believe that all or most physical disease has nonphysical roots, stemming from emotional trauma, negative mental patterns, and/or spiritual distress.  When these negative memories, patterns and traumas are released, the body becomes re-balanced, life-force energy is able to flow again, and healing can take place.        




CONTACT ME to discuss fees, set up an appointment, check on workshop dates, or to discuss services.​​​​​​​​​​


Transfomational Healing

Master Practitioner

​​​​​​Delhi, New York  13753




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